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Search Engine Optimization – More Leads and Traffic

At Best Web Solutions, our team of Search Engine Marketing experts in Toronto, focuses on enhancing the online exposure and presence of your business. Our team has an individualistic and diversified approach to rank improvement after almost a decade of search engine marketing under our belt.

Black Hat SEO

No Black Hat SEO at Best Web Solutions

Black Hat SEO which includes breaching of all those norms and rules set up the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine Marketing must not include any of the black hat practices. So, we do not follow any unethical practices to bring down the ranks or integrity of your website at any cost.

How Do We Practice Search Engine Marketing?

Keyword Research and analysis plays an integral role in SEM. We make the most out of Google Keyword Planner and Google Adwords to find out the most relevant keywords for your website. We not only focus on the focus keyword, but also take care of your competitor’s strategy. That is known as competitor analysis. We try to find out their SEO approach, geographic focus and technical capabilities of their website.

Content is the King when it comes to Search Engine Marketing. Creating unique, original, informative and high quality content is the key of high ranks on the search engine results. Our content writers are fully aware of their job and they’re really good at it. The successful SEO efforts include the ability to develop and optimize the content. We research the competition and data on the subject before writing the content.

At Best Web Solutions, we make sure that the website meets Google’s parameters in order to build a highly qualified website. It includes integrating the keywords into each and every page with care. The other features include code structure, internal linking of pages, mobile browser capability and many other elements.

Directory submissions, classified ads, blog posting, article submissions and link building strategies are a part of this strategy. The poor quality links disrupts the entire linkage structure and should readily be removed.

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SEO in Toronto at Best Web Solutions

  • Goal Oriented Approach – Our ultimate goal is to increase the search engine rankings, visibility and conversions.
  • Experience – Our years of experience in this field enables us to craft the perfect Search Engine Marketing Keywords, geographical focus and website structure plays a crucial role here.
  • Monthly SEO Reports – We will send you the monthly reports of the search engine results. It will be accompanied by the daily assessments and progress of your rank as well.