Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Know how we provide our Email Marketing Services

A well designed and well executed email marketing message reminds potential customers to visit your website. It also gives them the incentive to do so. Therefore, email marketing is like staying at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Here is the process that we follow to deliver our Email Marketing Services:

  • Audience research and data collection: It is really essential to know the nature of your email recipients. This will help you to cater towards their attitudes, culture needs and expectations. Try to gather all the relevant information about your audience from your email signUp form.
  • Analyze Goals and objectives: Most recipients spend no more than a couple of seconds when viewing an email. Hence, we design your email marketing campaigns in the most cohesive and compelling manner to engage your traffic.
  • Email Design: The goal of an email is to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your site. The Designers of Best Web Solutions designs and structure your emails to cater towards your goals. In fact, we carefully place a strong call to action buttons and supporting images in your email designs.
  • Optimization: All our email marketing campaigns take advantage of A/B testing options. Through it we can actually measure and optimize your click- through and open rates. In fact, nobody likes to receive an email that is not addressed to the specific needs. So, our designers send relevant messages to the users through the use of segmentation. We also use analytics and past user activity.
  • Analysis and Reporting: We thoroughly analyze the finding and aim to understand user behaviour. Through analysis, we find the optimal time and frequency to distribute email marketing campaigns. Thus, you get the highest percentage of subscribers open and click- through your emails.
Email Template Designing

Why Choose Best Web Solutions as your Email Marketing Campaign Manager?

Here are a few reasons to choose Email Marketing Services:

  • Utilization of the latest technologies with call to action and supporting images.
  • Affordable Email Marketing Services.
  • Complete Concept based approach.
  • Creation of custom email design according to your marketing strategy.
  • Timely completion and assignment submission.
  • Highly experienced team of email marketing designers.
  • 24×7 technical supports.

So if you want your campaign drive results through Email marketing surely give us a call!

Choose Email Marketing Services to Promote Your Brand

Build an audience of Brand Loyal Enthusiasts who wants to hear regularly from you with our Email Marketing Services. At the heart if any, successful email marketing is customer retention and relationship building. So, Best Web Solutions configure every email marketing campaign with that unique goal in mind.

As one of the top email marketing companies in Toronto, Canada, Best Web Solutions knows how to keep your brand into the heads of your customers. In fact, it starts with a strong email marketing campaign. We have a whole team absolutely dedicated to marketing your business. So, you can trust us with your business.

Email Marketing Services

Our Email Marketing Services Includes:

Email Template Designing: Best Web Solutions offer custom email template design. Our designs will surely match your company image. It is also user-friendly, attractive and easy to read.

Email Development: HTML5 coded email template is the core requirement for any type of business. We also design and develop HTML newsletters with targeted messages. With clean coding your online clients get attracted to your newsletter and follow the message in the newsletters conveniently.

Email Signup form Service: We set up an email sign up form, email sign up web page and even assist in the Facebook sign up page.

Setting Up and Integration: Our service also includes setting up your email account, importing your email list and implementing the email template into third party email marketing software.

Email Copywriting service: We write truly interesting and unique content in your newsletter. The information we provide attracts your customer’s attention and makes your email campaign success. We write informative and persuasive content that engages online customers to the newsletter..

Email Production and mailing: Based on the content and your subscriber list, we create email campaigns with the best layout for the information and include best coding to track the link on your website.

Auto responder setup: Our service includes implementation of customized auto responder email for the accurate email SignUp.

Email Campaign Reporting: We report, you the information concerning your email account like message sent, delivered, bounced and opened for each email including forwards, clicks, unsubscribe and forward emails in order to understand your subscribers vividly.

Email Audit: Our SEO professional audit your email marketing campaign based on the keywords and improves your email marketing process. We provide priority recommendation for email campaign improvement based on the various categories like template coding, user experience, email layout and design, campaign metric analysis and strategic analysis.

Email List Clearing: We keep an email list clean for better email marketing campaign. We clean the prevailing contacts in your email account that are not continually in contact with the company. We also check your list and clear out invalid domain and useless types.

Email Newsletter Testing: We test and examine your email newsletter for conversions. Ahead of sending your email marketing campaigns to your clients, we examine two separate newsletters using smaller user group for confirmation and secured communication through email.

Email Marketing Campaign

Do you want to know why Email Marketing Services is Essential for your Business?

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